Recently I spent three days in Los Angeles attending my annual Spiritual Conference, at which the focus was on living more often in higher consciousness. In other words, living from my True Nature and not from lower levels of consciousness such as worry, doubt, concern, anger, resentment, acting like a victim, etc …


Keep in mind that the universe is set-up to test what we say we want, so I wasn’t surprised when circumstances showed-up at my door (albeit late) to test my patience, peace and acceptance.


I left the conference 25 minutes early allowing plenty of time for traffic and to get to the airport early for my flight. I love absorbing every minute of the conference so leaving early is something I don’t typically do. At the time the shuttle was suppose to arrive not only did I receive a phone call telling me the driver was stuck in traffic running 15 minutes late but also that they were sending a Lincoln Town Car with a private driver. Hmm, okay. In that moment I took a breath and recognized I had the Power to Choose my response and I could do one of two things:


  • I could become angry, impatient, worried and concerned and “What if …” in my mind until he arrived, thus, contracting into stress and anxiety in my mind, body and emotions, which would defuse the loving, clear and grateful state I was in, as well as, defeat the purpose of the conference and propel me into lower consciousness.


  • I could know I was taken care of, that all was well and everything would work out perfectly, thus staying in my expansive state and True Nature, which was open, joyful, loving and grateful for a quiet and luxurious ride.


I chose to stay in option #2 and as I did, the following blessings occurred: As more than 30 minutes passed and phone calls ensued telling me the driver was on his way, the conference ended and friends I hadn’t seen for years began to exit. They saw me, stopped to say “hello” and we shared hugs. We had a beautiful connection, which brings a tender and soft smile to my heart and loving memories that fill me with joy.


Keep in mind that if I had chosen option #1 I would’ve been buried in my phone, irritated with the transportation company or preoccupied with fear, anxiety and stress about getting to the airport on time. From this smaller state I would’ve missed this extraordinary opportunity to be open to give and receive loving that was present with the friends I serendipitously encountered.


By the time the car arrived I was grateful for such a sweet and unexpected ending of the conference – especially because of the extra bonus of the delay! I enjoyed a peaceful ride with plenty of time to spare. It was the perfect ending.