You are already considered a high achiever, yet you know there is greater inner potential for you. There’s still a void within that feels empty, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. The difference comes from understanding and owning the power within. These qualities are already in you, I simply assist you in powerfully and gently drawing out your True Nature – living consistently from your next level of excellence, realizing higher performance coupled with greater peace, satisfaction, fulfillment and a richer life experience.

Together we create a safe, sacred space where you are seen, heard, valued and nourished and where you matter. Having developed keen, precise intuition and expertise, I zero-in on crushing limiting beliefs, perceptions and “self-imprisonment” you might have been struggling with for years and we gently, “but powerfully” shift them to personal empowerment – to courage and confidence.

Clients consistently tell me, “Through your Dare to Fly and Whole You Programs, you have something different. The missing ingredients that allow people to flourish.”

As a women’s Confidence and Empowerment Coach, I’ve had the honor of coaching countless people from all walks of life around the world for the past 25 years; from CEO’s, entrepreneurs, coaches, physicians,  stay at home mothers to people who are incarcerated. I’ve worked with individuals who range from 11-84.

Can transformation be simple? Yes! Absolutely, one small step at a time. Everyone has the ability to change!

It takes courage to ask for help when you need it. It takes courage to see how things could be better for you when you find yourself in a low state and things look pretty difficult.  With Joelene, if you can find the courage to reach out to her, you have a coach who will help be there for you and help you navigate life’s transitions. I’ve referred hundreds of people to Joelene through the years and I have had nothing but glowing reports about how powerful and transformative her work is. I know when I refer someone to her that person is in very good hands with Joelene. Rest assured, that phone call you make to Joelene will be the start of a new life for you.” 

~ Maurice Bassett, Maurice Bassett Publishing, Publisher for Steve Chandler

David Lund“Joelene is much more than a coach. She is a Jedi master. To me that means she has secrets that are bigger than life’s challenges. These secrets are what she teaches is her  Program.  With her lessons in hand my challenge was to do the daily work. When you learn and practice the work the results are amazing. Fear disappears. The ability to see what is happening becomes clear. Options are abundant. Joelene showed me what I could not see and how to make it work for me not against me. Thank you!”

~ David Lund, Hospitality Financial Coach, San Francisco

I champion your brilliance and magnificence and your best, strongest qualities – until you can do this for yourself through my customized, experiential Programs – simple and practical skills, strategies and motivation, for transforming daily habits that are life-enhancing and most important to you. You simply apply one personalized skill upon another like building blocks to create a solid foundation on which everything in your life rests. This is transformation from the inside-out, where mastery equals freedom and peace, using my proven steps.

My value in coaching with Joelene is by lowering my negative self-talk. My negative self-talk is much diminished, which is actually huge. It effected virtually every part of my life.  Prodding (hell, let’s just say it, pushing me at times) to take action I am considering but not doing on my own. I am about to embark on a new method in software – something I was not prepared to do before.

“From a financial point of view my company has shifted from losing money to making money. And it continues to get better.

My confidence level is high. I see new opportunities in my work and life.

I’ve solved the problems of no longer have low confidence in certain areas, my lack of making hard decisions at times and my stressing on many things.

~ Al Shalloway, CEO,   Seattle

Crystal SmithI know the word transformation gets thrown around a lot, but I am not the same person that I was before I started Joelene’s 6-month program. I am calmer, happier and see real possibilities for my life that I couldn’t have imagined before. Best of all, Joelene really walks her talk and lives by the Self- Mastery principles she teaches”  

~ Crystal Smith, Entrepreneur, Author, Los Angeles

It’s deeply moving and an honor for me to witness lasting transformation. At the completion the person who works with me doesn’t resemble the person who began and all aspects of their life have changed for the better.

I don’t have children of my own and I truly cherish and care about every one of my clients as though they are a part of my family.

I serve a limited number of highly-committed and motivated women who are ready to live their lives to the fullest and who understand the value in investing in themselves for lasting and sustained results.

Joelene’s Program is totally different. Here, take this feather. Take another one. Here you go, here are your wings. Now, go, fly. Go away, you are perfect the way you are and there’s nothing wrong with you. I passed by the mirror and for the first time in my life – saw myself smiling from deeply inside. My work and home lives are significantly improved. You helped me find my wings, one feather at a time”  

~ Michal Pasternak, Physician, Poland

One of the most significant ways that Joelene added value for me as my coach, was through her intense intuitive abilities to challenge me for deeper meaning in our conversations. Identifying issues and then continuing to go even deeper to find the issue under that issue and then to challenge me to go even deeper again. For me personally, her unique blend of skills as a counselor and as a coach, helped me identify and address some of the long held limiting beliefs that have dogged me for much of my life. The Program contained the structure to get to these issues and yet Joelene was incredibly flexible in the way she customized my program of work.

I have a deeper sense of self confidence in many areas of my life – with a foundational belief of “I am Enough and I am Loved – NOW” to always return to. I am also able to now share much of this learning journey and experience with my coaching clients and the women’s leadership forums I lead.

The most important transformation I gained in our time together was the acceptance of myself – as enough – in all my roles in my life. I have a greater sense of peace, more love and more clarity about what is important for me to see myself as successful personally and professionally.

I didn’t come to coach with Joelene because I had a “problem.” I had a deep desire for more peace, to understand myself better (identify and crush limiting beliefs once and for all) and to use the experience to become a better coach myself. All of those intentions were met.”

~ Eileen Rogers, CEO, Coach, Philanthropist, Arizona

Find out more and explore how working together will reveal the deepest resources within you from your human spirit and get more out of yourself and your life.  Contact me @ 970.433.7632 or through email. I meet with clients by  Zoom.