Joelene specializes in leading-edge methods for inner-transformation – to achieve effective outer results.

She’s  been speaking professionally since 2008 and Joelene  is enthusiastically committed to delivering thought-provoking, delightfully inspiring and engaging experiences and that leaves audience members with greater awareness of their best selves. She champions, motivates and ignites steps they can take to maximize their skills and talents,  so their goals come alive. Joelene audiences call her “captivating, dynamic and engaging.”

Joelene picture2Joelene is considered a thought leader on mind-opening for new directions in self-confidence, self-esteem, empowerment and and creating life-balance. Individuals move beyond self-imposed limitations and draw out innate leadership qualities for enthusiasm, profitability, productivity and exceptional leadership.

She speaks on a variety of topics. She is authentic  and adept in her skill to customize topics and talks based on the needs of audience members and organizations.

Joelene is an ideal speaker for  events ranging from corporate environments, health and wellness conferences, to retreats. She is a keynote speaker, breakout session and workshop facilitator and trainer for personal empowerment  and growth.

Joelene is a speaker who walks her talk, won *62* Awards in Toastmaster’s and she would be an excellent speaker for your next event.

She accepts a limited number of speaking engagements per year.

Joelene can also customize her programs to match your conference theme.

To obtain a list of topics or to check availability call: 970.433.7632

Below are her most popular messages.



I am extremely proud of my accomplishments in the industry. I can support you so you and your team can experience the same pride,


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Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast – global on-line class for Entheos (:29)


Joelene’s Radio Interview with The Larsen Group (:20)



Radio Interview Link from – – Good Life Revolution with Jesse Dylan

(start @ 21:49) Dealing with Distractions (:23)

Good Life Revolution

Cultivating the Sweetness Within – Speaker for New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (:29)




(Please be aware this talk was for a spiritual center and it references God. You are welcome to substitute this for whatever you believe in. If this doesn’t appeal to you, please listen to one of my other messages on this page).


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Dan Bare“What a treat to hear Joelene speak, and I will go out of my way to hear speak her again. She shared the process of self -discovery and self -worth, with insightful intimate personal examples, that inspired us all on “howto do it” myself.  Thank you Joelene. “


~ Daniel Bare


“I loved Joelene’s talk and wished that she would’ve been given the whole hour.”


~ Anne Verera


 These are real comments about Joelene from event planners and participants:

“Joelene’s radiance, enthusiasm and humor is contagious and engaging. She is the missing ingredient that allows people to flourish!”

“Joelene is a talented and perceptive guide.”

“I will incorporate these simple methods into my daily practice for lasting effective results. Joelene was thoughtful, peaceful and kind.”

“Joelene is a very inspiring teacher who was well-prepared and always had new and exciting material to present that I always enjoyed.”

“We needed more time and I wish we could’ve met more often. The classes were well-organized and thought out and focused.”

“Joelene was excellent at relating people’s sharing to the group topic for all to learn from one another.”


Past speaking engagements:

Past Speaking Engagements