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David Lund“This Program is amazing! Everyone could benefit from doing the customized exercises in their life.

I dropped the fear I had around what I’m up to. I was confusing me with what I was offering.

The daily, repetitive work helps me reset every day. It changed my thinking and I’m more productive. The Program gave me structure to stay on a master’s path. Like working out and eating healthy.

I dropped the fear I had around what I’m up to. I was confusing me with what I was offering.  My self-confidence has gone way up! Knowing that what I’m doing is on the edge – I don’t worry about how I show up. I have something unique and wonderful. I know that and now I can tell myself this in a genuine way that keeps me in inspired action. Knowing this is so effective creates fertile ground with my clients. I worry very little about how I feel. I just do it. My income for the first 4 months of 2015 is 10K per month. This is transformation. I could go on and on!”

~David Lund, Hospitality Financial Coach, San Fransisco


“I enrolled in Joelene’s course for a 6 month duration.

This course is not a quick-fix or band-aid repair of those challenging, uncomfortable emotions we all have from time to time. Instead, it’s a comprehensive, deep healing process which addresses all important areas of life- purpose, fear, money issues, inner-peace and fulfillment.

This is an intelligently designed course of Skills; a very powerful process. I was able to affirm my progress using a customized ToolBox and the whole course gave me a framework in which I could implement new habits and significant changes in my life.

Joelene is an experienced, skilled, caring and empathic coach who gently supports and guides you through the transformative healing work.”

~ Grant R., Educator, Australia