Easy Steps to RISE into Inner-Peace

Shortly after my move to Seattle I realized everything was completed but one thing- the installation of my printer. I was curious why I was procrastinating with this one element which is essential for my business.

The avoidance was the same old story I’ve told myself before: the long
wait times on the phone with the printer help lines. Even with assistance, dealing with technology is something I seldom enjoy. Then there’s the attempt to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English very well and the inevitable language barrier. This worn out recording played on and on in my mind … blah, blah, blah.

This procrastination went on until I had no choice but to go beyond my chattering mind because I was preparing for a large workshop to coach people to
RISE … that is, to feel Renewed, Inspired, Serene and Empowered and the materials needed to be printed immediately.

I shared my “perceived dilemma” with my very wise mother who asked me, “Joelene, did you try plugging the printer in to see if it works?” I said, “Uh, oh. I didn’t think of that. No. Hmm. That seemed too easy.”

Presto! When I rose above my own mind and plugged in my printer, guess what? It worked perfectly, easily and effortlessly despite the weeks of inner-drama and chaos that I created in my mind. Once again, I laughed out loud at how silly my mind can be (even with the simplest things) when I’m not aware.

Ask yourself these questions:

* What are you plugged into that’s stopping you from experiencing peace?
* What recording plays on an on like a broken record in your mind?
* How do you create your own drama and chaos that leads to procrastination?
* Where in your life are you making things harder than they need to be because you’re listening to your limiting thoughts?

What disturbs our peace? What thoughts are you giving power to that don’t deserve it? Mental patterns, thinking patterns that attempt to protect us, keep us safe, secure and comfortable so we don’t feel scared, insecure, out of control and uncomfortable. Our innate states are peace, joy and wellbeing. These aren’t ideals, they are inside YOU. You can train yourself to sacrifice the worry, doubt, concern and fear to come into homeostasis, balance and neutrality. Your mind needs training and guidance and with practice it will respond positively. When you choose to RISE you will live from a higher state of being and improve your quality of life.

Step to Rise into Inner-Peace:

1) When a thought comes up, notice it – as a witness, as someone who’s watching something on television.
2) Say to yourself, next (as many times as necessary) to disengage the thought and redirecting your thought process.

3) Say to yourself, now (as many times as necessary) to bring yourself into the present moment.

This pattern interrupt will assist you in becoming more responsive and less reactive to what’s going with the useless chatter of your mind. Notice, nothing is disturbing your peace besides your mind.

When you free your mind, you free yourself from addictive thought patterns that only deplete and rob you of your energy and the magnificence of your life.

It’s time to RISE above your mind to experience calm and clarity.

“All problems are illusions of the mind.” Eckhart Tolle – Author, The Power of Now