As I took off my lovely new dress tonight I noticed the tag was on the front of it.  I thought, “This is odd. Tags are usually on the back of garments.”   I hesitated and then laughed out loud when I realized what had happened.  Wait a minute. When I tried the dress on in the store I did notice it felt a little uncomfortable then as well. Something wasn’t right.  Of course, I’ve been wearing it backward.


Isn’t this a great metaphor for life? Most people are walking around kind of backward, focusing on what’s not going well, all their faults, disturbances, and perceived shortcomings, worried about future stressful events that may never materialize. They wear this tag on their fronts engaging in conversations that focus more of the same negative nature – displaying this for all to see and hear. With this focus, no wonder we feel uncomfortable, that life is against us and that something “isn’t right.”


I remember engaging in negative conversations for years. When I became aware that if I didn’t engage in negativity or drama in my life then I had nothing to contribute, I stopped. At first I was very uncomfortable in my own silence. Then, I began to listen to others in a deeper way. When I was ready, I began to contribute what was meaningful and positive and my relationship with myself and with others began to change. My life and relationships became more uplifting, satisfying and fulfilling.


Is it time for you to turn it around? Trade in the old for the new? Maybe it’s a job, relationship, your thoughts, conversations (internally or externally) or perhaps an old, worn out habit.


I’m certain we weren’t meant to live a life of smallness, contraction and in fear and anxiety. Rather, we were meant to own our brilliance, our magnificence and to focus on what is working well – for greater fulfillment, satisfaction and sharing our joy. I’m honored to consistently witness my clients transforming and living fully expressed lives every day, first personally, and then this inner-transformation affects every area of their lives. How could it not? You are driving, steering and shaping your life in every moment.


Wake up and let go of whatever it is that just doesn’t fit anymore! Put the tag of negativity behind you. It’s a decision to turn yourself around and wear YOU the way you were meant to be worn – with the best of you flowing through you, expressing from you – from the inside-out.


Today – Set the Intention to live a fuller, expressed and more dynamic life! Enjoy the process.